Nutrition counselling for gut health, food intolerances & eating behaviours

Providing evidence based nutritional advice with the aim of healing your digestive issues and your relationships with food.

Focusing on gut health as the foundation of good health, I help people find the causes behind their food sensitivities, bloating, low energy levels, IBS… I believe that only by treating the causes of your issues you will be able to achieve a sustainable change in your overall health. In looking for the causes I use functional testing, medical history review as well as review of your current dietary and lifestyle habits. Depending on the causes, I offer individualised, achievable and sustainable treatment plans that work with your way of life.

FoodMind is a fad diet free zone, focusing instead on whole foods and providing your body with all the macro and micronutrients needed for optimal health. At Foodmind I also provide judgement free guidance with disordered relationship with food.

Tina Henwood
Clinical Nutritionist
BhSc Nutritional Medicine

Member of

  • Australian Natural Therapists Association

  • Australian Centre for Eating Disorders

Trained in: Motivational Interviewing

Nutritional Consultation
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My wife made me see Tina to help me with weight loss. I was reluctant as I really didn't want to go on a diet. Tina was great though, she explained why I actually needed to eat to lose weight, I now understand about the micro and macro nutrients and what they do to my body. I lost the weight I wanted but what was new for me was that it's been almost half a year now and I haven't gained any back, I've actually lost some more after. I'm still eating 'Tina's way' and I actually like it. it makes me feel good.
- -
I came to see Tina with many gut problems. I felt bloated, overweight and sluggish. She made me understand how my poor food habits were contributing to my problems, she was genuine and her level of concern was amazing. After seeing Tina for 8 weeks now, my bloating is completely gone, I no longer crave lollies on the bus from work and I lost 5 kg without even trying. I honestly feel like I'm eating more than ever but the weight keeps going down and my energy levels keep going up. I would recommend Tina to anyone who is struggling with gut issues.
- Jo, Neutral Bay -
I wanted to thank Tina for the incredible kindness, compassion and support she shared with me. It feels like she is helping me to unravel a deep trauma which is ready to be healed. Because of Tina I now feel very confident that I will regain my gut health and the love of food.
- Nicole, Balgowlah -
I've been struggling with disordered eating my whole life. I feel like I had a major breakthrough since I first saw Tina. I am now actually hungry. I have eaten eggs for breakfast and I have eaten 5 meals 2 days in a row.
- Mel, Lane Cove -
Thanks to Tina, I now do shopping lists and plan afternoons of cooking and I'm loving it.
- Lisa, Neutral Bay -
Thank you Tina! I'm now doing well and eating regularly and healthily.
- Annie, Mosman -

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