As a fully qualified, practising Nutritionist I use scientifically based nutritional knowledge combined with holistic principles to support my patients on their health journey.

I believe in the power of whole foods and steer away from fad diets, instead focusing on healthy eating choices that people can enjoy and sustain through a lifetime.

I offer in person, phone and skype consultations to make sure my patients are supported even when they can’t be at the clinic in person.

Initial consultations ($130)

90 minutes initial consults include

  • In-depth holistic health assessment
  • Assessment of current dietary and lifestyle habits, health history, medications and supplements
  • If necessary, recommendations for further testing such as CDSA (Comprehensive digestive stool analysis), parasitology, hormone testing
  • Personalised dietary plan and if necessary, recommendations for nutritional supplementation
  • Meal plans, ideas for shopping lists, recipes and stress management guidelines
  • Answers to any food related questions to make it easier for you to navigate through confusing nutritional information and make sense of the scientific knowledge.

Private health rebates are available for most major health funds. Please check your level of cover.

Follow up consultations ($90)

45 minutes follow up consultations include:

  • Review of your weekly diet diary to monitor the implementation of changes and help you progress towards your goals
  • Identification of any barriers to change and strategies to overcome them using motivational interviewing
  • Monitoring of progress and ongoing support as you progress toward your health goals
  • Continued nutritional education and support with meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, quick food prep tips

Private health rebates are available for most major health funds. Please check your level of cover.

Consultation packages ($560)

I have developed focused nutrition packages for people who wish to fix a specific condition or achieve a certain health goal. These packages include six consultations (weekly consultations during the first month and fortnightly consultations during the second month) and are best suited for chronic conditions that require food restriction and reintroduction under controlled circumstances, achieving balanced weight and healthy eating behaviours.

The six weeks focus packages are offered at a discounted price and include:

  • Gut health, IBS and food intolerances
  • Gut health and SIBO
  • Balanced weight without dieting
  • Eating behaviours

The packages include a 75-minutes initial consultation and five 45 minutes follow up consultations. During this time I will also support you with meal plans, recipes, teach you the best ways to prepare your meals that will suit your lifestyle as well as provide free regular email contact in between consultations to make sure that all your questions and concerns are answered and you have the best chance to succeed.

Private health rebates are available for most major health funds. Please check your level of cover.

Phone and Skype consultations

Phone and skype consultations are ideal for clients who are short of time, live out of the city or have health conditions that make travel uncomfortable. I have successfully used Skype and phone with clients from Australia wide as well as overseas.

The consultations work the same as they would in my office. During the consultation I will be taking notes and will be sharing any handouts with you by sharing my screen (if we are on Skype). The handouts will be later sent to you via email.