People often experience digestive symptoms after eating gluten even when their diagnosis shows that they don’t have Coeliac disease.

If you are suffering from symptoms such as gas, bloating and abdominal pain, brain fog, fatigue and headaches after eating products containing gluten, you might have a condition called Non-Celiac gluten sensitivity.

In this case, elimination diet followed by reintroduction is the best way to be able to tell if gluten is causing your symptoms. This diet can also help you understand if there are any gluten containing grains that you are able to tolerate as well as the amounts you are able to tolerate (some people who are sensitive to gluten find that they can tolerate rye or spelt as opposed to wheat products). This is important so you don’t unnecessarily restrict your diet as eliminating gluten, if not followed correctly, may cause deficiencies.

I can guide you through the elimination and reintroduction diet while at the same time focus on treating your digestive system as this sensitivity often comes hand in hand with poor gut health.