Are you sick of dieting? Hardly eating anything but still gaining weight? Research now shows that 95% of people who go on diets regain the weight they lost so perhaps it’s time you try something else!

I will work with you to help you achieve a balanced weight that you can maintain without dieting, instead supporting you to build a positive, healthy relationship with food that will last. We will work together to transition to whole foods, healthy eating practices and removing the stress and anxiety around eating.

I will look deeper into the causes of your issues as I have seen in practice how healing your gut, balancing your hormones and gut bacteria as well as improving stress levels and sleep affect your health and the way you store weight.

When you are ready, we will look into your relationship with your body as this often holds us back in our desire to achieve and maintain a balanced weight. I have seen in practice that when we learn to accept ourselves at any weight, we are more likely to develop healthy lifestyles and self-esteem which inevitably lead to balanced weight that we are able to maintain without stress.

I have been trained in motivational interviewing and will lead you gently on your path to accepting and appreciating your body while teaching you how to keep it nourished and reduce the cravings and emotional eating.

I have developed an 8-week healthy weight plan that will teach you how to:

  • Plan and prepare healthy balanced meals
  • Resist the temptations to embark on unsustainable diets
  • Let go of cravings by eating regularly and mindfully
  • Look after your gut and liver health
  • Eat for hormone balance
  • Achieve YOUR balanced weight